Il Poggianino

Il Poggianino: a “country house” from times gone by

It is part of the large estate surrounding the “Palazzo del Poggiano”, once owned by the Malatesta family of Rimini, where events are currently staged. The house is located on the edge of an olive grove, on a gently sloping hill overlooking the Marecchia Valley and also provides a view of the sea. A wonderful position and an ideal departure point for exploring the Romagna countryside with its many villages, true medieval gems, its nature trails and its breathtaking scenery and, last but not least, to discover the food and wine specialities of our land.

The Rooms

Anyone wishing to stay in the relaxing quiet of the Romagna countryside, with its fragrances and colours, will have at disposal not simple rooms, but three large and delightful suites, all distinguished by meticulous care for detail and each with an atmosphere of its own – three real “homes”.

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